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3 Facts About Asbestos...

  1. Asbestos is a fibrious mineral widely used for insulation purposes worldwide
  2. The carginogenic impact on human health resulted in asbestos being banned
  3. Replacement of asbestos by non-hazardous materials over the past 30 years

Why Asbestos Bags Are Mandatory in the UK

While asbestos seemed to be a promosing solution for an effective insulation of buildings, it has turned out to be a serious threath to health when penetrating into the human lungs. Various health issues such as the so called asbestosis arised during the 20th century, resulting in asbestos being banned. Asbestos is nowadays replaced by more health friendly insulation materials and is removed from old buildings during reconstruction works. In order to avoid any harm from its fibers, the UK legislation requieres asbestos removal bags being used during asbestos removal.

Asbestos Bags - Requirements in the UK

In the United Kingdom, asbestos bags are required for the removal of asbestos during renovation works. These requirements aim to avoid any skin contact or inhalation of asbestos fibers by humans during its removal. In concrete, asbestos bags have to comply with the standards outlined below.

  • Asbestos Warning Print - A clear print and warning instructions to refer to the bag's content
  • ADR Pictogram Class 9 - Intented for miscellaneous dangerous substances
  • Dust-Proof - Made of resistant and dense fabric with at least one poly liner
  • Recycling Indication - Resin code recycling number 5 (polypropylene)
  • Closure - Equipped with a top skirt with cord and/or closing stripes

Range of Asbestos Removal Bags

Wondering which asbestos bag of our large product range is the best? One thing is for sure: With asbestos bags from Bigbagland you will purchase a high-quality bag which complies with the current requirements mentioned above. Which bag is the best to buy depends on the type and amount of products being removed.

Asbestos Skip Yard Bags

  • A large asbestos bag for 20 yard skip containers
  • Suitable for very large amounts of asbestos
  • Starting from £ xxx

Asbestos Roofing Sheet Bags

  • Long and wide bags typically with a length of over 3 metres
  • Suitable for 10-15 roofing sheets each
  • Starting from £ xxx

Asbestos Bulk Bags

  • Comparable to bulk bags with a volume of 1m³
  • Suitable for medium-large amount of asbestos
  • Starting from £ xxx

Asbestos Flat Bags

  • Rubble bags for small amounts of asbestos, even with sharp edges
  • Available with one poly liner or double-walled (with two liners)
  • Starting from £ xxx

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