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Find all of our portfolio available for sales on Amazon.co.uk. We send our bags to companies and individuals all over Europe. Our products are stored in a warehouse in the heart of Europe, next to the famous harbor of Rotterdam. With our products stored in the Netherlands we are able to provide a quick delivery throughout all of Europe: 2-3 working days.

Our products are manufactured in our ISO-9001 certified production plants in Europe and Asia and are subject to European quality standards and regular quality control checks. If most of our Big Bags are produced for a single-use, handled with care they will last you for multiple uses.

High-quality builders bags are made of polypropylene fabric with a fabric density of at least 140gr/m² which makes them particularly tear-proof and suitable for heavy building materials. At BigBagLand we stand for high-quality builders bags and use a fabric grammage of 160gr/m² for our one cubic builders bags which make them suitable for up to 1,500kgs Safe Working Load (SWL).

Bulk Bags for Construction & Recycling

Builders Bags belong to the category of bulk bags or FIBC. The requirements to builders bags are high resistance together with a high safe working load. Builders bags are suitable for materials such as gravel, sand and aggregates. Our builders bags have a safe working load (SWL) of at least 1,000kg (ton bags) which is the preferred choice among most UK based construction companies and wholesalers of building materials.

Our range of products also includes builders bags with a safe working load of 1,500kgs, which is a popular choice in the continental European construction industry. BigBagLand also offers a solution to companies requiring extremely tear-proof bags with its range of stone bags, suitable for natural stone, bricks and glass

Here at BigBagLand, we also have a collection of recycling bags for all your waste disposal needs. Our bags come in a variety of sizes and shapes to fit all kinds of materials for recycling.

Asbestos Bags

BigBagLand assists you in your asbestos removal work. Order with or small and large bags specially designed to dispose of this hazardous waste. Rubble sacks, big bags, roof sheet bags... all of our asbestos waste bags are manufactured in accordance with European Union regulations and UK regulations regarding asbestos disposal.Remove, transport and dispose of your asbestos waste safely with our products.

  • Our asbestos bags are equipped with the following features:
  • PE liner (single or double-walled) for reliable dust-proofness
  • Official asbestos print in (at least) 4 languages, suitable for the EU, including the UK
  • ADR pictogram 9 for miscellaneous dangerous substances
  • Resin code recycling number 5 (polypropylene)
  • Resistant and dense polypropylene fabric
  • All bags are equipped with closing stripes

Bags & Sacks for Garden Waste or Wood

Our garden waste bags are UV resistant and suitable for all green waste such as: grass, branches and leaves. BigBagLand supports you in your gardening projects with affordable and quality garden bags, whether you are a private individual or a professional!

You’ll also find in our portfolio Bulk Bags designed for the storage and handling of wood and logs. Some of our firewood bags are made from ventilated fabric: perfect to let your firewood.

Why choose Bigbagland ?

Resistant and strong builders bags especially designed for heavy building materials Wide range of products of all sizes and for different sorts of use: Construction waste, aggregates, wood, garden waste, asbestos etc... More than 50 models of Bulk Bags and Rubble sacks available online for individuals and professionals. High-quality Builders Bags at the best price. Order builders bags only without minimum quantity with quick delivery in the UK and all over Europe