Would you like a bulk bag with different product specifications? Besides our standard bulks we also offer custom-made soltutions - high quality custom-made bulks at a great price!

Have your bulk bags produced according to your individual requirements and preferences in size, dimensions, colors and much more. We would be delighted to make you an offer for tailor-made bulk bags. Simply call us at +44 12 1368 0722 or fill our form below to request a quote for tailor-made bulks. We will contact you as soon as possible to work on a quote for tailor-made bulks with you.

If you are interested in having your logo printed on the bulk bags, you can either opt for a custom-made bulk bag printed with your logo or simply choose a bulk from our standard product range and have your logo printed on the bags. For more information on printed big bags visit our page dedicated on big bags with print.

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 Custom-made bulk bag