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Now Online : Eco-design rubble bags by 123bigbags. Our latest product is a colorful rubble bag with dimensions 55x80cm. This unique rubble bag can only be found 

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Now Online : Eco-design rubble bags by 123bigbags

Waste less - save more


Announcing our latest product : a colorful rubble bag with dimensions 55x80cm. This unique rubble bag is similar to our 000-13u and 000-13P the only difference is its colorful aspect! Here’s why this bag is one of a kind:
Our supplier produces thousands of big bags each month, in all kinds of different colors, for all kinds of different clients. At the end of the day they gather hundreds of different leftover spools of colorful thread that they can’t use anymore. A considerable quantity of threads of different colors that are still in good condition are thrown away. In order not to let all this material go to waste, our Research and Development team worked with our suppliers to come up with a solution. In the end we chose to repurpose the leftover threads into colorful woven rubble bags. 
See below a glimpse of our factory: spools of threads are more or less full and the leftover threads are woven together to make our colorful Eco-Design rubble bags

What are woven Polypropylene Rubble Sacks

Polypropylene is a thermoplastic macromolecule (polymer) used in a variety of products and components such as packaging materials. Polypropylene is widely used as raw material for rubble sacks. This material has numerous advantages, the key merits of polypropylene builders' rubble bags are their great strength and good fatigue resistance, making them tearproof. Furthermore, polypropylene is known to be highly resistant to chemicals and moisture, which makes it very popular in the building industry. 

These particular Eco-Design bags have multiple advantages :eco-design bag

  • Economical : these are our cheapest rubble bags

  • Practical : these basic rubble bags will help you on construction sites or in your gardening activities

  • Visible : the colorfulness of the bags makes them noticeable on your construction site or in your garden, there’s no way you’ll lose them

  • Ecological : by buying our eco-design bags you ensure a recycling economy and help reduce waste

Waste less - save more

Two models are available on our online shop: 000-59U an unprinted colorful rubble bags and 000-59P a bag printed with the traditionnal 123BigBag smiley and our eco-design stamp. For this type of bag we could sadly not keep our signature orange print. Indeed, colorful prints are not recommended on this kind of rubble bags for visibility reasons.

Your own Custom Eco-Design Bag 

8kO3G35Xrx0TVt5x5XmNaosMYfj7rEOmOpKbg8EAR4rhpqBGpF56DLKKPv9V-_zwv3dKDwJZRSremmQRbIV3MUugI4MlPusXONA7MyQ8sve0lm6F_cdyt4x8WE7-fz6eaS6DfS9g123BigBags gives you the opportunity to customize your own eco-design bags. Print your logo or the contact details of your company on the bags and gain in visibility ! In order to launch production we need an order of minimum of pallet or rubble bags which is more or less 1000 pieces. 
Advice from the 123BigBags’ team: Careful, in order for your print to be visible on these colorful bags it should preferably be dark-colored and monochrome. Black and dark blue will work perfectly !
For your information: Our picture are non contractual since the color or the bags varies from one batch to the other.Our eco-design bags are made from leftovers thread so all our batches are different! It’s also possible that within your order you’ll find slightly different colored bags.

If you already use our rubble bags 000-13P and 000-13U, our eco-design bags are perfect for you ! They are the same dimensions for a cheaper price.  Our rubble bags are used by individuals as well as professionals in the Building, Gardening or Recycling industry. They are an ideal solution to dispose of small quantities of light rubble, leaves, grass, empty plastic bottles etc… 
Warning: our eco-design bags are woven from yarns of different grammages so we can not guarantee a high SFW (Safe Working Load); if you need heavy duty rubble bags our model 000-15U, a transparent LDPE bag, is the strongest rubble bag in our webshop. An stronger alternative would be our mini big bag, able to transport up to 500kg. We do not produce the eco-design bags with cord yet. If you are looking for closable rubble bags our 000-14U and 000-14P are equipped with a cord so they can be closed once full.
Get rid of waste in an economical and ecological way with our Eco-Design bags : waste less, save more! You can only find these unique multicolored rubble bags here with 123BigBags ! Don’t forget to let us know what you think of these out of the ordinary bags, review us on Trustpilot once you tried them !

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