Safe Handling Instructions

Big Bags are enjoying increasing popularity in the building industry and are a cost efficient and convenient way of transporting and storing most building materials needed in the construction industry. It is important to use FIBCs correctly in order to avoid injury and damage of your goods. We have prepared some instructions for a safe handling of bulk bags. Please read them carefully before use. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column width="1/2"][vc_column_text]

Getting started

Store the big bags at a clean and dry place Choose your big bag according to your needs. At 123BigBags, we offer various big bags suitable for most heavy building materials

Filling a big bag

Place your big bag on a pallet or on the ground for filling Make use of a filling mechanism or a second person to hold the loops when filling Ensure even load distribution Respect the Safety Work Load and do not overfill the bag Avoid sharp edges and contact with acidic substances to avoid damage of the fabric Consider a bulk bag with skirt to facilitate the filling procedure

Transporting a big bag

Use a forklift or a crane for transportation Make sure to use all four loops Loops must not be twisted when on the forklift Handle heavily filled big bags with care when on the forklift. Avoid risks of damage and injury by keeping the freight close to the ground Consider big bags with cross corner loops or tunnel loops for easy handling by forklifts

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Storing a big bag

Protect your bags from extensive sun light While our big bags are especially designed for the building industry and are waterproof, avoid extreme weather conditions over a longer period Place your filled big bags on racks or leaned against a wall for optimal storage

Emptying a big bag

Use gravity or a discharging system to empty your big bags Do not stand directly beneath a filled big bag - keep a safe distance to avoid injury Our big bags have a safety factor of 5:01 and are designed for one time use only Recycle your big bags after using Consider a bulk bag with emptying spout for easy and cost-efficient discharging and dosing

Special caution: Asbestos bags

123BigBags offers a range of asbestos big bags, especially designed for a safe removal of asbestos residues. Our bags comply with the European standards, printed with the official asbestos sign, instructions in English, German, French and Dutch as well as the PP (sign 5) recycling logo and the international transport sign 9. Pay special attention when handling with asbestos. Make sure you close the bags properly and store and handle them with care during transport.

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Make the most of your big bags by customising them. At 123BigBags, you can have your own logo printed on the bag and create big bags of dimensions and colours of your choice. A clever way to bring colour to your construction site and to increase awareness of your business!