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Hier bei 123BigBags bieten wir sowohl BigBags für Einzelpersonen als auch für Firmen. Wenn Sie nach Säcken auf Palette suchen, ist es bei uns möglich! Mit unseren Palettenangeboten erhalten Sie den besten Preis für Paletten, die mit Big Bags gefüllt sind. Lieferzeit 3 bis 4 Werktage. Finden Sie bestes Palettenweise Big Bags-Angebot! lies mehr
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Verpassen Sie nicht dieses Palettenangebot, um unsere neuen flexiblen Containersacken zu entdecken. Ideal zum Lagern und Heben großer Abfallmengen, dieses Angebot umfasst 5x 3m3 Containersacken und 5x 6m3 Containersacken. Ein Paar Traversebalken ist ebenfalls in diesem Entdeckungspaket enthalten.
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Verpassen Sie nicht dieses Palettenangebot, um unsere neuen flexiblen Containersacken für Abfälle zu entdecken. Ideal zur Lagerung und zum Anheben von großen Mengen Abfall, beinhaltet dieses Angebot 10x 3m3 Containersacken und 10x 6m3 Containersacken. Ein Paar Spreizbalken ist ebenfalls in diesem Entdeckungsangebot enthalten.

Pallet Deals

Alle prijzen zijn exclusief BTW & transport kosten

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Pallet deals 

123BigBags is proud to present you a new category with Pallet Deals. This category is specialy made for professionals in the building and waste industry who needs large volumes of bags. In this section you can find all kind of bags that you can only buy if you order a full pallet. These bags are most of the time unprinted bags in all kind of sizes. 

Our prices are one of the lowest in the market. If you are wondering why? It's easy 123BigBags only works online and we have no expensive salesman on the road for you. Everything you see in our webshop in available and you can order directly online.

builders bag pallet deals

Specifications of the bags

We are a specialist in Builders bags, tonne bags and asbestos bags. these bags specially made for the building trade are always in stock. We have also a large variety of asbestos skip bags in stock. Have a look at our pallets, if you have a question do not hesitate to contact us. 

Lead time for the pallets

123BigBags can deliver you between 2-5 days everywhere in Europe. If you order before 15hrs on a working day we can ship your pallet the next day. If it's urgent we can even ship your pallet the same day and deliver one or two days later. Ask us for these possibilities.

How can you order ?

The most easiest way to order is just to order online and pay with your credit card, Paypal or wire transfer. If you make an account online we can also send you an invoice in advance. 


We have at least one pallet of bags in stock from every product you see on this page. If you need more just contact us to see the availability. Our phone number is: +44 12131680722 or call our HQ: +31 10 3072735