Garden Waste Bags

Our Garden Waste Bags - the special collection of Big Bags for Garden in many sizes and volumes. Find the breathable Garden Bags for Waste in our webshop. Garden Waste Bags from 123BigBags are UV Resistant and can be used for rubbish, refuse and waste like grass or branches. Visit our webshop and order online your ideal bags for the garden.

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Rubble Sacks

Large Jute Bag 100% Biodegradable (25kg - 51x86cm)

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The reusable hessian bag 100% Biodegradable dimensions 51x86cm can contain up to 25kg of garden waste. A very strong jute bag with breathable and absorbent properties, ideal for green waste, sand and rubble. Also perfect as potato sack race bags for kids.       
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Jute Bag 100% Biodegradable made from natural materials. This reusable hessian bag dimensions 43x65cm can contain up to 25kg of garden waste. A strong small jute bag with breathable and absorbent properties, ideal for organic waste, sand and rubble.       
Rubble Sacks

Small Rubble Bag with smiley (35L - 45x75cm)

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High-quality top hemmed rubble sack with our logo printed. This bag is extremely resistant. Use it for all kind of debris such as tiles, stones, metal and plastic. It is ideal for sharp and heavy rubble up to 25kgs. UV Resistant and recyclable.
Rubble Bag Rubble Bag 2
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Rubble Sacks

Medium Rubble Bag with smiley (60L - 60x90cm)

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High-quality top hemmed rubble sack in polypropylene with our logo printed. A very robust waste bag to use for all kind of debris such as tiles, stones, metal and plastic. It is ideal for sharp and heavy rubbles up to 35kgs. UV Resistant and recyclable.

Our Garden Waste Bags

123BigBags Buy Garden waste bags

Here at 123bigbags, we have a huge collection of great quality and affordable bags to help with any gardening project. We sell over 50 different models so no matter what special feature you need we have it. When we designed our collection of garden waste bags we focused on 4 main things, the first of which is using the best quality materials to ensure the bags stayed strong and do not break or rip. The other three are self-standing bags, breathability, and UV resistance.


Breathable Garden Bags

We have a large selection of breathable garden bags perfect for moist or damp garden material that needs to be dried out. Our breathable garden waste bags all have systems for allowing air to flow over there contents, to speed up the drying process.

  • heavy duty garden bags

    Our net bags are equipped on two sides with mosquito netting. This is a strong and breathable fabric that allows moisture to pass through it, perfect for a  breathable garden bag. This is because of a large number of tiny holes that cover its surface.

  • Our hessian sacks are made of jute. Jute is a 100% natural material that is both strong and breathable. This fabric is perfect for making a large strong bag great for garden use.

  • The rest of the bags in our breathable collection have vents along the sides. These open panels are perfect for drying all kind of garden material. Interestingly we are able to make these bags without sacrificing the strength of the bag. This is done by using a stronger thicker fabric and placing the vents strategically so the structural integrity of the bag is not lost.

UV Resistant Garden Bags

Garden waste bags are meant to be used outside in all weather conditions and during all times of the year. That is why UV resistance is so important. Many other garden bag supplies in the UK keep costs down by not having UV resistance. We think this is a mistake, without UV resistance a garden bag will lose a lot of its strength if left out in the sun to long. This does not happen with our bags. With this feature, our bags can stand out in the sun and maintain their strength longer than other bags.

Garden Sacks for Rubbish, Refuse and Waste

There are a lot of different forms of garden rubbish, refuse and waste. These can take the form of gravel, rubble, leaves and soil as well as much more. Gravel needs a very different gravel bag as compared to leaves for example. Some of our bags are more specialized for certain types of materials than others.

Garden Bulk Bags for Gravel and Rubble

Gravel and rubble are very heavy materials and as such need strong bags. These rubble bags should be able to carry heavy loads and be resistant to puncturing. When put into soak bags sharp rubber can sometimes pierce the fabric resulting in a hole, which weakens the bag. This can leave it structurally unsound and unable to carry out its job. All our bags are made of thick tear-proof fabric which can withstand the pressure or sharp rubble.

Heavy Duty Garden Waste BagGarden Bags for Leaves and Soil

When dealing with leaves we would suggest one of our breathable garden bags mentioned above. This is because leaves will often hold a lot of moisture and the breathable garden bags will help in the drying process. For Soil, we would suggest one of our standard bags such as our 90x90x90 Tonne bag. This bag is perfect for handling and transporting soil and waste. For soil with rocks or other heavy materials, we suggest using a bag from our line of Heavy Duty Garden Bags.

Heavy Duty Garden Bag

Our line of heavy duty garden bags are ultra strong and have a high abrasion resistance, perfect for heavy loads. They are made of durable polyethene and strong handles for transporting their contents safely. The strongest bags we sell can hold up to 2 tonnes and are often used to transport goods when attached to a helicopter.

Any Questions?

If you have any questions about our products and services, do not hesitate to contact us . Simply fill in our contact form and we will come back to you as soon as we can. You can also call us at 012 1368 07 22.