Paper Bags

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Discover our large paper bags from 123BigBags: the ultimate combination of strength, style, and durability! These two-layer kraft paper bags can carry up to 25 kg and remain firm and stable thanks to the flat cross-bottom. Ideal for waste sorting, storage, or transportation. Make recycling effortless, stylish, and efficient. The bags are also sold individually. Welcome to the future of convenience!

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Large White Paper Bag - 70L (15+50x94cm)

Functional double-layered kraft bag with flat bottom for more waste. The shape makes it ideal for large volumes, and its white exterior is perfect for your prints!

Large Paper Bags: Strong and Efficient


Top-Quality Material

Explore our premium large paper bags, designed perfectly for a variety of applications. These bags are composed of two layers of robust kraft paper, providing exceptional strength. This recyclable paper type is renowned for its outstanding durability and biodegradability. Thus, they're perfect for carrying heavier materials up to 25 kg effortlessly, making waste disposal even easier!


Cross Bottom: Stands Like a House

Thanks to the sealed cross bottom, these bags have a flat, stable base

. This unique design ensures each bag effortlessly remains upright, significantly si

mplifying filling and handling. Unfolded, they offer ample volume for disposing of various waste such as old paper, shredded paper, or cardboard. When folded, they can be stored efficiently without taking up much space.


The Ideal Bag for Old Paper and Recycling

These paper bags are an ideal solution for waste sorting. They're particularly useful for recycling paper, cardboard, and shredded paper, but they're equally valuable for storing other items like clothing or seasonal decorations. Using a bag for old paper makes paper waste separation incredibly easy: the entire bag can be tossed directly into the recycling container without any hassle. No more fuss with emptying plastic bags; everything can be discarded at once, easily and eco-friendly.


Your Choice, Your Convenience

With us, you can buy these paper block-bottom bags individually, or take advantage of attractive discounts when purchasing larger quantities. Our block-bottom bags are available in a natural brown color or white, perfect for your custom prints.

White paper bag with a be happy text on it in black


Customization Options: Your Brand, Your Message

Interested in unique bag printing? Contact us to discuss customization options, such as printing bags with your logo, message, or other distinctive designs. It's an excellent way to promote your brand and create a professional impression with your customers.


Bulk Purchase? We're Here for You!

Do you need a large quantity of kraft bags for your business or event? Check out our options for cost-effective pallet offers of block-bottom bags. This way, you can stock up with discounts without compromising on quality or style.



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