Use tarpaulins to protect the content of your containers. On our online webshop you will find waterproof tarpaulins in different sizes.Our orange tarpaulins are really visible and equipped with eyelets. Leggi di più

Filo Nylon (Ø 5mm - 20m)

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Filo nylon 5 mm di diametro per 20 metri di lunghezza. Filo di nylon resistente y riutilizzabile. Viene fornito con una bobina, utile per conservare il cavo bianco. Può trasportare fino a 56 kg. L'accessorio ideale per attaccare l'Easy Chute o un telone al vostro container.


Tarpaulins are a common tool in the construction industry. Tarpaulins can be used with skips and load containers to provide protection against the elements. At 123BigBags you can find tarpaulins with eyelets, available in different sizes, which can be easily attached to skips.

Tarpaulins at 123BigBags:

  • Reliable protection against dirt and rain
  • Waterproof
  • Tearproof
  • Made of HDPE (High Density Polypropylene)
  • Coated fabric of 150gr/m²
  • Equipped with eyelets - very handy for skips
  • Corner reinforcements
  • Orange colour for good visibility

Tarpaulins bought online at 123BigBags are dispatched within 1-4 days throughout Europe. Available in different colors on request. Minimum order quantity and lead times apply.

Tarpaulin Skip Load ContainersTarpaulin

We currently have two different sizes of orange tarpaulins in our product range. Thanks to its eyelets on the sides, it can be easily attached to skips and containers and is a reliable solution to protect your goods from rain and dirt. Choose the size of your tarpaulin according to your skip. Our 4x6 tarpaulin (24m²) is ideal for larger skips and containers while you might want to use a smaller tarpaulin for smaller size of containers.

Tarpaulin Ground Sheet

Tarpaulins are often used as ground sheets to protect against grimes or damages incurred during construction and painting work. Thanks to an extra thick fabric, which makes it tearproof and durable, our 3x4 tarpaulin is a great asset for your construction site and can be used multiple times.


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